Donate Money
We'd like to keep improving the Festivals on the basis of our ongoing experience, and make sure we're including every kid who could benefit from participating.

Your donations are tax deductible. Please send your donation to support the Festival to:

     Dr. Brian Conrey, Executive Director
     American Institute of Mathematics/JRMF
     360 Portage Ave.
     Palo Alto, CA 94306-2244 AIM's Tax ID: 94-3205114
     Please note that the donation is for the Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival.

We hope you'll consider joining the effort with a donation. We would be delighted to acknowledge your contribution publicly or keep it anonymous, whichever you'd prefer.

Nancy Blachman
Founder of the Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival
Other Ways to Support Us
There are lots of ways to support the Julia Robinson Math Festivals:
Does your company or school have a space where we could hold a festival?
Can you and/or your students help us out by providing math support at a festival? (This is a great activity for future teachers!)
Would you like to write an activity?
Can you provide snacks for students?
Can you donate prizes?

Contact us at if you can help us out!
You can get previous years' T-shirts and a variety of other items with the Julia Robinson logo at the Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival CafePress store.

Was there a particular book or other prize you were interested in but didn't get to take home? You can purchase most of the items we had as prizes in our Amazon store. To see all the items, make sure to click on the "Categories" button in the left nav bar as well as the "Next >>" tab at the bottoms of the pages.