Head-Royce School, Oakland CA — March 10, 2012

The Head-Royce School (4315 Lincoln Avenue, Oakland CA) is pleased to host its first Julia Robinson Math Festival on Saturday, March 10 from 1:00 p.m. 4:00 p.m. This festival will feature dozens of exciting mathematical activities designed to inspire, challenge and excite participants about math!

Activities are set up to encourage collaboration and creative problem solving and will appeal to a wide range of ability levels ranging from puzzles and projects for five-year olds who are beginning to discover the joy of mathematics, to students who are unsure about the nature of mathematics and want to find out more to those who have mastered higher level skills. Snacks, and raffle prizes will be provided for all participants. T-shirts will be available for sale.

Limited parking is available in the School parking lot, located off Lincoln Avenue at the east end of the Campus. Additional parking is available in designated areas on Lincoln Avenue. Some guests will be able to park in the Greek Orthodox Cathedral parking lot. Please cross the street at the crosswalk and walk down Lincoln Ave, towards the Gatehouse. A side foot gate will be open and signs will be posted, directing you to the Head-Royce Pavilion/Gym. For parking information/rules, please see the Parking information page.

The festival will take place in the Gym (building H) on the following Campus Map.

Sponsored by:
The desJardins/Blachman fund, the S.D. Bechtel Jr Foundation, and Head-Royce School