Girls Middle School, Palo Alto CA — February 11, 2012

The Girls Middle School 3400 West Bayshore Road in Palo Alto, CA is pleased to host its first Julia Robinson Math Festival for girls on Saturday, February 11 from 1:00 p.m. 4:00 p.m. Targeted at girls in grades 4-8, the event will take place in the Girls Middle School Multipurpose Room and will feature dozens of exciting mathematical activities designed to inspire, challenge and get all girls excited about math!

Activities are set up to encourage collaboration and creative problem solving and will appeal to a wide range of ability levels from girls who are beginning to discover their mathematical aptitude to those who have mastered higher level skills. Snacks, and raffle prizes will be provided for all participants. T-shirts will be available for sale. While there are numerous Julia Robinson Math Festivals that are open to boys and girls of varying ages, this particular event is designed specifically for girls in the 4th through 8th grades.

Sponsored by:
The desJardins/Blachman fund, the S.D. Bechtel Jr Foundation, and Girls Middle School